Account recipient usage

If you have a Trial, Basic or Premium account, you will have a set number of recipients available. This section describes how the recipient allocations are used for different types of communication.

Note: If you have an Enterprise Plan, the limits on usage will be as contractually agreed and the calculations in this section will not necessarily apply.


One recipient is allocated when one or more emails are sent to an email address. It makes no difference whether or not the email has an attachment.

For example, sending one email to 1000 email addresses uses 1000 from your recipient allocation. However, sending 50 emails to a single email address uses only 1 recipient from your allocation.


One recipient is used from your allocation when one SMS message is sent to one recipient.


If a PDF document created in EngageOne™ Communicate is sent by email, the only recipients used from the allocation relate to the email; there is no additional usage from attaching a PDF document.


If you create a video communication using Communicate, make it available (using Get My Video > Make available) and attach it to an email, the only recipients used relate to the email; no additional recipients are used by attaching a video. However, if one of those recipients forwards the email with the video to someone else, another recipient is used from your allocation when that person views the video.

If you create a video communication and then select Get My Video > Export CSV, this creates a CSV file with a list of PURLs (personalized URLs) for recipients. The action of creating such a CSV file uses 1 recipient for each PURL in the CSV file.


Each time that a chat session is initiated counts as 1 recipient. If the session is interrupted, or taken over by an agent, or the same person interacts with the chat multiple times, no additional recipients are used.

Exceeding your allocation

If you have a Trial account, and you reach your recipient allocation, all further actions will be blocked. If this happens part way through an action, the block will occur at the point that the allocation is reached. For example, if you try to send emails to 1500 email addresses, but you only have 1000 recipients outstanding, only the first 1000 emails will be sent ("first" here means using the order of email addresses in your data source).

Note: For Trial accounts, details of which communications have been sent or not sent are available in reports; see Reporting.

If you have a Basic or Premium account, and you reach your recipient allocation, you can still use EngageOne™ Communicate as usual and you will be billed for the overages (additional recipients) used.