Anti-spam requirements

To comply with applicable law and industry best practices, our clients certify that they will use EngageOne Communicate only to send messages to recipients who have expressly consented (opted in) to receive them.

Accounts are suspended automatically when your “bounce rate” (that is, the percentage of destination email addresses that did not receive messages because the recipient’s mail servers returned them) exceeds acceptable industry thresholds. This is done to adhere to Internet Service Provider and anti-spam requirements.

If your account reaches a 2% bounce rate, your EngageOne Communicate account administrator will receive a notification via email and an in-app message warning that your bounce rate is increasing. If your account reaches a bounce rate of 4% or greater, your account is automatically suspended.

During an account suspension, your ability to send communications is disabled but all other aspects of EngageOne Communicate (creating communications, accessing analytics, etc.) will continue to work as normal.

How Do I Minimize My Bounce Rate?

There are many ways to minimize high bounce rates. Some common best practices include:

  • Cleansing your list to ensure that subscriber data is accurate and up to date.
  • Ensuring that your email list is composed of subscribers who subscribed themselves to your list.
  • Sending a verification email to subscribers to confirm interest in your list.

What Do I Do If My Account Gets Suspended?

If your account is suspended, the following form is displayed:

You can expedite the process of lifting the suspension by filling in this form and clicking Send form (this sends the form to Precisely support). Alternatively, contact support.