Audience Analysis

Communicate allows you to see various statistics relating to the audience, effectively an expansion of Reporting.

If you select Audience Analysis, or select View Audience from the Reporting screen, the following screen is displayed:

Click on the following tabs for further information:

  • Audience Overview - gives information about the audience, such as who opened the communication, clicked the links or marked the email as spam. This tab will be available later.
  • Unsubscribed Emails - lists recipients who chose to unsubscribe from the team's emails, or who were unsubscribed by using the Unsubscribe Email Address button.
  • Blacklisted Domains - blacklisting a domain prevents the sending of communications to email addresses in the domain (with the exception of whitelisted emails). You can use this tab to enter a blacklisted domain.
  • Whitelisted Emails - whitelisting an email address allows the sending of communications to the address even if that address is listed on the Unsubscribed Emails tab or is in a blacklisted domain. You can use this time to enter one or more whitelisted email addresses.