A communication is the message that you want to send. You can use it to send a single campaign or you can use it to send multiple campaigns, with revisions in between. Campaign data is combined for each communication.

Where you create a communication and whether you create a new communication or edit an existing one determines how campaign data is combined.

For this reason you should consider the following:

  • Which project to use — your campaigns will be combined with those for the other communications in the project.
  • Whether to edit an existing communication — your campaigns will be combined with earlier campaigns for this communication.
  • Whether it is better to duplicate an existing communication rather than edit it — your campaigns will be tracked separately.

Creating a new communication

Every communication must be included in a project.

To create a new communication: enter the Create New screen. This can be reached by one of two ways:

  • Click Create New Communication from the main screen.
  • Click Create New when creating a new project - see Projects.

The Create New screen lists the following types of communication, known as channels, down the left hand side. Click on the one that you wish to create:

  • Email - a mass email as part of a campaign
  • Text Message - an SMS text message
  • Print Document - print a document that can be sent in the post or emailed as a PDF attachment

When you are creating communications, refer to the following useful information:

Beta functions

The following communication channels are available in Beta teams:

  • Chat Bot - enables you to create a chatbot that allows users to interact with the system to have questions answered and to receive information.
  • Video - enables you to easily create customized videos that can be sent to your customers.