EngageOne™ Communicate enables you to easily create, send, and report on personalized email communications formatted for any device.

For a series of short video clips on using email, see Help videos: Email communications.

When you select Email from the Create New (communication) screen, the following screen is displayed:

There are three options:

  • Click Create New Email to create an email from scratch.
  • Click Upload HTML to create an email based on previously written HTML.
  • Click on one of the Templates (My Templates, Team Templates or Base Templates) to create an email based on that template.

Each of these options is described below.

When your email is complete, click Save. Alternatively, you can click Save As Team Template (if you want this message to be a team template).

Note: Before you can send from an email address, it must be validated; see Sender email addresses.

Things to consider before sending an email

  • Which method to use when creating email. You can use Communicate's Block Editor (see Create New Email) or you can upload an HTML file already created that defines the email (see Upload HTML).
  • The quality and cleanliness of your email addresses. See Anti-spam requirements for more information on bounce rates.
  • Consider the message that you wish to communicate via the email.
  • Consider the imagery and design assets that you want to add to the email.
  • Consider the data requirements: for display in the email, for any conditional logic and the list of target email addresses. All of these data items must come from a single data source. This can be a file (such as CSV or JSON), a template created in EngageOne™ Compose or a live database connection through Spectrum OnDemand. See Data Sources for more information.
  • Links to other Communicate channels. If you plan to use items from other channels (such as the Video channel) you need to create these before sending the email.
  • Determine the sender address for the email. This must be an address that you own and you will be asked to verify it.

Best practices for your email subject line

Choosing the right subject line for an email is essential to increase your click and open rates. Note the following:

  • Keep the subject line short but descriptive (with mobile devices, a maximum of 5 or 6 words is recommended).
  • Avoid spam trigger words, such as apply now, buy, clearance, limited time, exclusive, order now and don't delay.
  • Add personalization, such as the recipient's name and location. See Personalizing communications for details.

Font families

The font families that can be used in Communicate emails are listed below:

  • Arial
  • Courier
  • Georgia
  • Helvetica
  • Tahoma
  • Times new roman
  • Trebuchet ms
  • Verdana
  • Serif
  • Sans-serif
  • Cursive
  • Fantasy
  • Monospace

If you import an element, such as a Compose block element, that uses a font family not in this list, an error message is displayed ("Your font family is not email compatible. Please select a replacement.") and you are prompted to specify a replacement font family for each non-matching font family.