Example of creating an email from a template

This example shows how you can create an email based on a template, test it and then send it as part of a campaign.

Firstly, it is best to check the template that you intend to use and make sure that it is correct. To do this:

  1. Go to Templates:

    There are two types of template: Base Templates and Team Templates. You can only edit Team Templates. If you want to edit a Team Template (as in this example), hold the mouse over the template that you want to use, and click Edit. The Element Editor opens to allow you to edit the template. Alternatively you could create a new Team Template from a Base Template (by clicking the + sign that appears when you hover over a Base Template). For more information, see Templates.

  2. Make any required changes to the template and click Save.
  3. You now have the template that you wish to use. Click Projects and either open an existing project or create a new one (see Projects for more details).
  4. At the Project screen, select Create New and then select the required template from the list under My Templates. In this example, the template is called Team Feedback.
  5. Enter a name for the email (in this example, it is Team Feedback__18_11_2021_11_17).
  6. The Element Editor opens so that you can edit the new email, based on the selected template:

  7. The email initially consists of the template only. You now need to edit it as required for this specific email. To do this, click in one of the elements within the email, and make the required changes in the right hand pane. For example, if you click on My Company in the title, the right hand pane looks like this:

    You can edit the text and various other properties defined in this window, such as borders and fonts. You can add images. If you want the content of the element to be linked to a data source, click Insert Data Field (for more detailed instructions on this, see Personalizing communications).

    Click HTML Editor tab if you wan to edit the HTML that defines the email.

    Click Attachments if you want to add an attachment to the email.

    Click Conditions if you want to apply conditions to various elements. See Applying conditions.

    To delete an unwanted element, click the bin icon shown next to Edit Element.

  8. When your email is ready, use the Contacts tab to select the list of contacts for the email (or you can create a new contact list). Then select Preview and Test. The preview looks like this:

  9. To test the preview as an email, select Send Test. This allows you to send the test email to a specified email address.
  10. Make any further edits if necessary. To send the email, click Send Email. The following screen is displayed:

You can also send the email as part of a campaign. To do this, go to the overview screen for the communication:

Click on Send Campaign and enter the required information. For further information, see Campaigns.