Example of creating a document

This example shows how you can create a PDF document from scratch (you can, of course, use one of the templates provided, but this example starts with a blank canvas). This example includes text, images and a barcode, and utilizes the table feature.

Note: Before you start, you should upload the required images to the Asset Library. For this example, we are using three image files: orange-chevron-top.png, your-logo-here.png and audi_r8.jpg.
  1. Click Projects and either open an existing project or create a new one (see Projects for more details).
  2. Click Create New and select Document, followed by Create New Document (as we are starting from scratch).
  3. Give a name to the new document communication; in this example, the name is Example_Doc_Motor. The blank document screen looks like this:

  4. The first step is to place a chevron at the top of the screen, using an image file called orange-chevron-top.png. Drag the image block from the block editor to the top of the document. Click Asset library and find the image file orange-chevron-top.png. Click Use Selected Image. The document will look like this:

  5. Click Done and Save. The next step is to add a text box below the chevron. Drag a text box to below the chevron, then enter "EMISSION TEST REMINDER" in a suitable color. Then click Done. The document should look like this:

  6. Now add the graphic called your-logo-here.png, obtaining it from the Asset Library as before. Click Done and Save.
  7. Add text for the address and contact details:

    Click Done and Save.

  8. We now want to add two text items side by side rather than one below the other. To do this, pull across a Table box from the Content pane. By default, the table has three columns, but we only need two; so click the delete icon against the third column. The document should look like this:

  9. Delete the header row and drag text boxes to the cells in the bottom row:

  10. When you have added formatted text to three cells, and removed the borders, the table looks like this:

    Click Done and Save.

  11. In the bottom right cell, we want to add an image. To do this, drag the Image symbol from the right hand pane to the required cell, then select the required image (audi_r8.jpg) from the Asset Library. Delete the text box. The table now looks like this:

    Click Done and Save.

  12. Add two additional rows to the table, then preview the document:

The QR code has been added using the Barcode box under Add to table (and selecting QR Code as the barcode type).

This example is now complete; you should save it. You can preview it by clicking the Preview document button. There are other things that you can include when creating a document, such as personalization and conditional logic, but this example has omitted these for the sake of simplicity. See Create New Document for details.