Initial screen

Describes the initial entry screen for EngageOne™ Communicate

When you run EngageOne™ Communicate, the following screen is displayed:

To go directly to creating a new communication, click Create New Communication. The Create New screen is then displayed; see Creating a new communication for more details.

Alternatively, use the menu at the top to go to the various features of Communicate:

  • Projects - manage projects within Communicate
  • Reporting - use the Reporting features of Communicate to display various statistics
  • Audience - see further information on the audience
  • Data - manage data sources
  • Templates - manage templates
  • Assets - manage the assets (such as images)
  • Takeover - enables you to take over chatbot communications. This is only displayed if at least one chat communication exists for your team.

The page also contains other useful links, such as Release Notes (under What's New), Getting Started and the opportunity to submit an idea.

Click the question mark (?) at the top right for additional information, such as links to documentation and support contact details.