Explains how to manage projects in EngageOne™ Communicate

A project is a way of organizing communications and reporting on campaigns. How you structure your projects depends on the level of data that you need.

For example, if you want to drill down into the campaign data for sales events, you could create a project for each sales event. But if you want analytics for individual sales consultants, each person could create their own project.

Note: Every communication must be included in a project.

To create a new project

  1. Select Projects, and then click the Create Project button.
  2. Enter a project name and click Create Project.

The project has been created but is empty. To add a communication to the new project, click Create New. This takes you to the main screen for creating a new communication; see Communications.

Note: You can also create a project when creating a new communication.
Note: When you include Send Email in a chatbot, Communicate automatically creates a new Project called Email containing a single email communication called Chat History. This allows you to keep track of emails sent from chatbots. You can customize the Chat History communication by selecting Edit as you would for any other communication.

To manage existing projects

If you have a selection of projects already created, the Projects screen looks like this:

For each project, clicking on the graph symbol () displays analytics information for that project; see Reporting. Clicking on the bin symbol () will delete the project.

To open a project, click on the project name.