Explains how to view and download statistics on projects and specific communications

EngageOne™ Communicate makes it easy to obtain reporting information on your communications.

Click on Reporting; the following screen is displayed:

This screen shows summary statistics for each project. By default, the date range is the last 30 days; click on the calendar icon () to show a different range, or to see all statistics since launch.

Note: "Engaged" refers to users who have opened an email, received an SMS or engaged with a chat bot.

To download the data for a project as a zip file, click the download button ().

Update frequency

The reporting statistics are updated every 15-20 minutes. On the Reporting screen for each channel, there is a Last updated indicator at the top right; this shows when the statistics were last updated. If this exceeds 20 minutes, the refresh icon () at the right is enabled; click this to update the statistics without reloading the whole page.