Sender email addresses

To send email communications, a team must have a verified sender email address.

Note: In order to create and maintain sender email addresses, you must have the role of Administrator.

You need to verify any email address that you use as the From address. This confirms that you own the email address from which you send, and that you are authorized to use it.

To enter a sender email address:

  1. Go to the Account Settings screen by clicking your name at the top right, and then the cogwheel symbol .
  2. Select the appropriate team, then click Sender Email Addresses.
  3. Cick + Add Address.
  4. Enter the email address and click Verify.
  5. When the verification email arrives, click the link within it.
Note: The first time you use this email address in EngageOne Communicate, you will also get a verification email from Amazon Web Services. Check your inbox for this email and then click the verification link.

The Verfication Status is displayed on the Sender Email Addresses screen.

Note: By making a request to Support, you can verify a whole domain as a sender domain, instead of individually verifying each email address.

Any verified email address can be set as the Default by clicking Set as default. A tick is displayed against this email address.


If required, you can enable Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM). DKIM cryptographically signs emails, increasing their deliverability by ensuring that the content is not changed.

To set up DKIM:

Click the button (Setup DKIM) for the sender email address. The DKIM Setup dialog is displayed. The dialog displays a list of Domain Name System (DNS) records. To use DKIM with this sender email address, you must configure these DNS records on your domain.

Note: If DKIM verification fails, click the Retry button to attempt verification again. You cannot retry more often than once per hour.

Verifying an email address when sending email campaign

Anyone with a role of Campaign Creator can verify a sender email address on the Send Email screen; see Email.