Supported browsers and email clients

The following table shows which browsers and email clients are supported for the EngageOne™ Communicate Editor, the Video Player and the Email Client:

Supported browsers Not tested (may work, not guaranteed)

EngageOne™ Communicate (Editor)

  • Chrome (for desktop)
  • Other desktop browsers based on WebKit, Blink and Gecko engines (such as Edge, Firefox and Safari) will also work but there may be some minor differences in the way they display or handle some specific elements.

Mobile devices are not recommended; however, they should work in most cases when the screen resolution is high enough. There is no guarantee that all features will function correctly.

Video Player/ Chat snippet

All top (above 2% of market share) non-device-specific browsers (such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge) are supported on the most popular operating systems (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android) on all types of devices including desktop and mobile.

Other browsers (such as Samsung Browser and Opera) are not guaranteed to work correctly.

Email Client

The supported clients are the top (above 2% of market share) applications/web services (such as Apple, Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo!).

Other clients are not guaranteed to display the email in the same way.

Note: For all supported browsers, support is provided for the latest version and the last but one version. Older versions should be upgraded to be compliant.
Note: All browsers that are officially discontinued (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer) are not supported.
Note: The terms desktop and mobile are defined as follows:

Desktop: wide screen, regular pointing devices/keyboard, Windows or MacOS based.

Mobile: smaller resolutions and/or pointing device of limited accuracy (such as touch screen).

In addition, some features might have specific limitations for certain browsers.