Explains how to create and manage templates

Templates are reusable HTML or other files that can be used to create communications. They are easily modified so that you can customize your emails, PDFs and other communications to reflect your company’s brand.

For a short video clip on templates, see Help videos: Templates.

You can use templates for creating communications that share a common layout or style. A number of base templates are provided with EngageOne™Communicate, and you can also create team templates for a team to use.

Note: In order to create templates, you must have a role of Designer or Developer.

When you click the Templates tab, the following screen is displayed:

Click on Base Templates to see the predefined base templates. Templates are available for emails, SMS messages and documents. If you hover over a base template, you are given an option to download the HTML or to create a team template based on that base template.

When you create a new team template from a base template, you are prompted to rename it (to avoid confusion with the base template). It will then appear in the Team Templates tab as shown below:

You can also create team templates that are not based on a base template. To do this, click on Create New Template. The following screen is displayed:

You can create templates for emails, SMS messages and documents. Email (Advanced) prompts you to upload a predefined template file.

Enter a template name, then select the type of template that you want to create and click Create Template. The appropriate editor opens for you to create and then save the template. The editor works in the same way as creating an actual email, SMS message or document.

Note: You can use design schemes when creating or editing a template.

A further way of creating a template is from the editor when you are editing an email, SMS message or document. In all these cases, under the Save As... option there is an option called Save As Team Template. Select this option to save the communication as a team template.

Once a template exists, it will be available when you create a new communication of that type. "My Templates" lists those that you have created, "Team Templates" lists the templates you have specifically created as a team template and if base templates are available, these are listed under "Base Templates".

In addition, once you have created a team template, it will appear in the Team Templates tab of the Templates screen, and you can edit it.

Managing templates

To managae an existing template, hover over an existing template; the following is displayed:

This allows you to edit, copy, download, delete or view the version history for a template.

Viewing version history works in the same way as for communications (see Version history). The history screen looks like this: