Dynamic attachments

Dynamic attachments are PDFs that are generated by EngageOne Compose Cloud, for email campaigns sent using Communicate. The templates are provided by EngageOne Compose Cloud and the data is imported into Communicate as a data source.

You can add both static attachments and dynamic attachments to the same communication.

Note: Dynamic attachments require a subscription to EngageOne Compose Cloud.
Note: The maximum file size for a single attachment is 3MB — the total size of all of the attachments for a communication cannot exceed 7MB. Campaigns with very large attachments will take longer to send.

Adding a dynamic attachment

  1. Open your project and add a communication or edit an existing communication.
  2. Go to the Attachments tab.
  3. Click Add Attachment > Dynamic attachment.

    The Add Dynamic Attachment dialog shows all the available EngageOne Compose Cloud templates.

    You can preview the templates. In the preview, you can download or print the template (you may need to hover over the template to display the Download or Print buttons). This generates a PDF using the default data for the template.

  4. Select a template and click Add to attach it to the communication. You can add multiple dynamic attachments to a communication.

    You can't add the same template more than once to the communication.

Data sources and dynamic attachments

The data source you select needs to include all the data required for:
  • Any data fields in the communication
  • All the data fields in the EngageOne Compose Cloud template or templates — you can add more than one dynamic attachment.

Once you've added a dynamic attachment to a communication, you can check the data fields in the template by clicking the Metadata icon. This shows the names of the data fields and whether there are default values.

Note: You can also download the attachment (click Download to generate a PDF using the default data).

Sending a campaign with a dynamic attachment

Sending a campaign with a dynamic attachment is the same as any other campaign. See Sending email campaigns.

When you click send:
  1. The communication is sent to each email address in the selected data source.
  2. For each dynamic attachment, EngageOne Compose Cloud generates a PDF for each email address in the selected data source, and attaches it to the email.

The Attachments tab of the email communication (go to Projects > project > communication) always lists the dynamic attachment(s). Click to download it and view it with the default data for the template.

Sending a test email with a dynamic attachment

You can send a test campaign with one or more dynamic attachments. Because there is no selected data source, you need to provide a value for all the data fields in the communication and the attachment(s). Data fields in the communication are listed first.

Some EngageOne Compose Cloud templates may contain complex data for items with repeating items, such as address lines, order lines, tabular data and so on.

Fields that you can duplicate are indicated with square brackets and an Add button:
  • Clicking Add inserts another group of data fields. For example another order line. The groups of data fields are numbered [0], [1], [2].
  • Clicking removes all the data fields in that group.