Applying conditions

Using conditions you can change text, images, links (in fact any HTML element) depending on the target audience. The audience is defined by the fields in your data source.

You can apply one condition to each HTML element in a template or communication. The rules in the condition control when the element is included in the communication.

Conditions and data sources

The conditions you can apply depend on the fields in the selected data source. For example, in this condition:

If vertical equals healthcare

vertical is a field in the data source and healthcare is one of the possible values.
Note: Typically you add conditions to a template for a particular data source. However, it is possible for people creating communications from the template to select a different data source. Using the Conditions tab, they can modify conditions by selecting different fields and values. The elements and conditions that need to be modified will be highlighted in red.

About rules

A condition can contains one or more rules, such as:

  • If vertical Does Not Equal healthcare
  • If state Equals Washington
Rules can be applied in two ways. Either the data in the record matches all the rules in the condition (the All option) or is it sufficient for the data to match just one of the rules (the Any option).
Table 1. Matching All or Any rules in the condition
All Select this option if you want to include the element in the communication when the data matches all the rules defined in the condition. If the data doesn't match all the rules then the element will be excluded. This is the equivalent of saying:

If vertical Does Not Equal healthcare AND If state Equals Washington

Any Select this option if you want to include the element in the communication when the data matches just one or more of the rules. The element will be excluded if the data doesn't match at least one of the rules. This is the equivalent of saying:

If vertical Equals real estate OR If vertical Equals marketing

Use the Advanced option if you need a more complex combination of rules such as:

If vertical equals healthcare OR If vertical equals insurance


If status equals new

Previewing the conditions

You can preview the conditions in the Template Builder. Click to show the Data Preview Bar:
  • Enable the preview to see the communication with the conditions applied. As you click through the records in the data source, the left hand pane updates to show the conditions that are used.
  • Disable the preview to show all the elements with and without conditions.

Renaming element IDs

You can rename the ID of an element with a condition to make it easier to identify which blocks in the communication are conditional. The ID is displayed only when you hover over the element.

To edit the ID, click the element and then on the Conditions tab, click .

Duplicating elements with conditions

After applying a condition to an HTML element, you can duplicate it. You can then edit the condition.

In the communication preview pane, hover over the element to display its ID and then click the Duplicate icon: