Using design schemes

You can apply a consistent brand image by creating design schemes. A design scheme captures all the fonts and colors used in an Adobe Photoshop artboard and makes them available in Communicate.

A design scheme provides the Campaign Creator with a palette of recommended colors:

And tells the Campaign Creator whether they're using the recommended fonts. In this example Open Sans is recommended but Times New Roman is not:

When selecting a font, recommended fonts are listed first with the other fonts in alphabetical order. Below precision sans is a recommended font — arial and courier aren't:

Where can I used design schemes?

You can use design schemes in both the Template Builder and Communication Builder. On the toolbar, click to select one.

Creating design schemes

Design schemes are created in Adobe Photoshop and exported to Communicate using the Adobe Photoshop plugin. To find out more, in Communicate, go to Home > Communicate Plugins.

Design schemes in the Asset Library

Design schemes are stored in the Asset Library, with a .ds file extension. Select a design scheme to view its contents.

Unlike image assets, design schemes aren't associated with templates or communications. You could save them in:
  • A Design Schemes folder that groups all the design schemes used by the Company.
  • In the folder for each communication. (Right-click the design scheme, choose Duplicate, then drag it to the folder.)
  • In the folder for the template that you want to associate it with — however the design scheme won't be copied with the other assets when a communication is created from the template.
Note: Use descriptive names for your design schemes. This makes it easier for Campaign Creators to find the design scheme they need.