Sending email campaigns

Once you have created a communication, you can send one or more email campaigns using the communication. Before sending each campaign, you can modify the communication, and add or remove attachments.

Campaign names

The name is what makes each campaign unique to the project. Use descriptive names so that it's easier to identify individual campaigns in the communication (shown on the Project Campaigns list). Communicate will track the metrics for each unique campaign.

To resend the same campaign again, for example with a different data source, you can reuse the original campaign name. Communicate will track the metrics for both sends as belonging to the same campaign.

Why you can only send from a verified email address

You need to verify any email address that you use as the From address. This confirms that you own the email address that you send from, and that you're authorized to use it:

  • The email address is already verified when From address shows the icon
  • You will see a Verify link if it isn't a verified address — follow the instructions to verify the address. For more details, see Verifying sender email addresses.
Tip: Verified email addresses are case sensitive which means that is not the same email address as

Send to email addresses

When you send a campaign, it goes to all the email addresses in the selected data source except for email addresses that are:
  • Unsubscribed from all the company's emails

    You can see these on the Audience Analysis > Unsubscribed Emails page.

  • For a blacklisted domain

    For example if the domain is blacklisted then email addresses such as, are excluded. You can see these on the Audience Analysis > Blacklisted Domains page.

  • On the global black list

    Hard bounces from send to email addresses are automatically added to a global list that covers all companies in Communicate. To check the list, go to Audience Analysis > Unsubscribed Emails and click the Global button. The list only shows the addresses that your company has attempted to send to.

Including or excluding specific people from campaigns

Including specific people

To make sure that the campaign is sent to a specific email address (even if the address is unsubscribed or for a blacklisted domain), you can whitelist the address. This action will apply to all campaigns sent for the current Company account.

Go to Audience Analysis > Whitelisted Emails.

Excluding specific people

To temporarily exclude someone, you can unsubscribe them and then resubscribe them later. This action will apply to all campaigns sent for the current Company account.

Go to Audience Analysis > Unsubscribed Emails.