Metrics for email campaigns

Communicate collects data for each campaign you send. For email campaigns it tracks the following metrics in real time.

Sent Number of emails sent. If a campaign with the same name was sent several times then this is the total number of emails sent.

This might be less than the number of recipients in the data source(s) if:

  • In a previous campaign recipients unsubscribed from the company's emails.
  • Recipients were unsubscribed by someone in your company.
  • The address is for a domain blacklisted by your company. For example if the domain is blacklisted then any email addresses such as would be excluded.
  • Recipients are on the global unsubscribe list.
Opened (Unique) Number of people who opened your email. This counts each recipient once regardless of the number of times they open the email. This tells you the approximate number of unique individuals.
Note: Some opens may not be counted. For the email to be counted as an open, images must be enabled in the email client.
Total Opens This counts every open and not just the first one to give the total number of opens.
Open Rate The open rate as a percentage.

Clicked (Unique) Number of email recipients who clicked at least one link inside the email (but not the unsubscribe link). This counts all the clicks made by an individual as one click regardless of whether they clicked four links or one link four times.
Total Clicks This counts all the clicks made by each recipient to give the total number of clicks.
Click Rate The click rate as a percentage.

Bounced The number of emails that could not be delivered. This includes both soft bounces (someone’s inbox is full, their server is down, or your email is larger than their provider’s size limit) and hard bounces which happen when your email address gets blocked by the recipient’s server or it’s an invalid email address that you’re trying to send to.

To see these, go to Audience Analysis > Unsubscribed Emails and click Global.

Unsubscribes The number of email recipients who clicked the unsubscribe link in the email, and are therefore unsubscribed from all the company's email campaigns.

To see these, go to Audience Analysis > Unsubscribed Emails and click Company.

To compare sends, opens and clicks over time, use the time line. The vertical axis is the number of sends, and the horizontal axis covers the date range of the first through to the last campaign.

Tip: To hide an unwanted metric, click the rectangle shown below the time line.