Organizing projects to get the right reports

EngageOne Communicate makes it easier to create and send campaigns, whether email or SMS. However, getting the analytics you want for those campaigns needs some simple forward planning.
Table 1. Metrics for email and SMS campaigns
Email Sends, opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes
SMS Sends, successful deliveries, failed deliveries

Communicate combines campaign data by communication and then by project.

You can view and drill down into the campaign data on the Reporting page:
  • All projects — summarizes the results for all the company's campaigns, from all the company's projects.
  • Single project — drill down to see the campaign results for one project.
  • Communication — a project contains email and/or SMS communications. When you drill down again, the report shows just the campaigns sent for a particular communication.
  • Campaign — one or more campaigns can be sent for each communication but at this level the focus is the results of a single campaign.

How you decide to organize your projects and communications therefore has a direct effect on the quality of the campaign data available to you.


Tip: Decide first what it is that you want to track at the highest level.

A project is a way of organizing communications and reporting on campaigns.

For example if you want to drill down into the campaign data for sales events then you might create a project for each sales event. But if you want analytics for individual sales consultants then each person might create their own project.


Tip: When deciding where to create a communication, consider how Communicate will combine the data for the communication.
A communication is the message that you want to send. You can use it to send a single campaign or you can use it to send multiple campaigns, with revisions in between. Campaign data is combined for each communication.

Where you create a communication and whether you create a new communication or edit an existing one determines how campaign data is combined.

For this reason consider:

  • Which project to use — your campaigns will be combined with those for the other communications in the project.
  • Whether to edit an existing communication — your campaigns will be combined with earlier campaigns for this communication.
  • Whether it's better to duplicate an existing communication rather than edit it — your campaigns will be tracked separately.


The lowest level of reporting is by campaign. At this level, you can go back and see the communication used in the campaign. The communication you see is the latest version of the communication.

Tip: If it's important to see the communication as it was used in the campaign then you should always duplicate the communication before modifying it.