Sending SMS campaigns

When you send an SMS campaign it will go to all the valid phone numbers in your data source.

Phone numbers for SMS messaging

For SMS messaging, phone numbers must comply with the E.164 format. E.164 is a standard for the phone number structure used for international telecommunication. Phone numbers that follow this format can have a maximum of 15 digits, and they are prefixed with the plus character (+) and the country code.

For example, a U.S. phone number in E.164 format would appear as +1XXX5550100.

Note: Phone numbers aren't validated when the data is uploaded.

Campaign names

The name is what makes each campaign unique to the project. Use descriptive names so that it's easier to identify individual campaigns in the communication (as shown on the Project Campaigns list). Communicate will track the metrics for each unique campaign.

To resend the same campaign again, for example with a different data source, you can reuse the original campaign name. Communicate will track the metrics for both sends as belonging to the same campaign.

Sender name

This is the sender ID that will display on the receiving device as the message sender. For example, you can use your business brand to make the message source easier to recognize. The sender name can be:
  • Up to 11 alphanumeric characters in length
  • Requires one letter
  • No spaces
Note: Not all countries support sender IDs. For an up-to-date information, see Supported Regions and Countries.