Verifying sender email addresses

You need to confirm that you own the email addresses that you will use when sending email campaigns. In Communicate verification is a two-step process.
  1. You first receive an email that verifies the address as a sending address for your company account.
  2. You then receive a second email to verify that you own the address.

You can add the same address to more than one company account (in which case you only need to repeat step 1).

Managing sender email addresses (admin only)

Administrators can set up and manage the sender email addresses for the company account: go to Company Management Company Management icon and click Email Address icon. You can:
  • Add new sender addresses.
  • Find out whether existing addresses are waiting for verification (because the email recipient hasn't responded).
  • Add a digital signature to the email header in order to create more secure emails – DomainKeys Identified Mail or DKIM. Click to see the DNS records that you need to create for this email address.
    Note: Emails signed with a valid DKIM signature perform better in spam scores which increases their deliverability. DKIM only needs to be set up once per top-level domain. Any additional email addresses verified on the same domain automatically have this enabled.
  • Delete unwanted sender addresses.

Adding single sender email addresses

Anyone with the Campaign Creator role can verify a sender email address on the Send Email Campaign page. To verify the address:
  1. Go to Projects > your-project-name.
  2. Click one of the Send Campaign icon icons or click Send Campaign. This gives access to the From address field. You do not need to actually send the campaign.
  3. In From address, enter the email address you want to verify. Make sure that you use the correct combination of upper and lowercase characters as verified email addresses are case sensitive. This means that the email address is not the same as

    You will see the message Verify your from email address.

  4. Click the Verify link and then follow the instructions in the verification emails.