EngageOne™ Communicate enables you to easily create customized videos that can be sent to your customers.

For a series of short video clips on using video, see Help videos: Video communications.

Your video can be composed of a number of scenes, each of which is a separate video clip. The complete video communication is composed of all the scenes, played in sequence.

Before publishing a video, you can preview it; see Preview.

Once a video has been created and published, it can be included in an EngageOne™ Communicate email communication. See Publishing a video for inclusion with an email.

You can also publish the video to your website by embedding HTML code into the HTML for the web page. For details, see Embed Video.

Note: The final resultant video (with all scenes combined together) is limited to 3GB. This means that video with a resolution of 1080p is limited to about 1 hour in total. It may not be visible when previewing all because preview is always generated in 540p. When this limitation occurs, the VideoPlayer will try to use lower resolutions.