Statistics for an SMS communication

From the screen showing the project statistics, click on an SMS communication in the Project communications list. Detailed statistics for that communication are shown, as in the following example.

Note: If you are using as the SMS provider, see Using for details of how to configure for reporting.

Note: For information on the update frequency for reporting statistics, see Update frequency.

Unsubscribed is a count of recipients who have unsubscribed from this SMS communication. It only includes those recipients who replied STOP to this message.

CSV file

For a more detailed analysis of the SMS messages, click Download data. This produces a CSV file showing statistics for each recipient.

The CSV file includes the value of the unique identifier for each record. This identifier is determined when a Data Source is imported (see Unique Identifier).

The CSV file has one row for each SMS message sent, rather than one row per recipient. This covers the situation where a single customer has multiple products, and therefore receives a number of messages relating to those products.

The CSV file also records the recipients who have unsubscribed from this SMS communication. The text Unsubscribe is shown for those recipients that have unsubscribed from this message, and the Unsubscribed Date column shows the date when the recipient unsubscribed. For recipients that have been sent the SMS but have previously unsubscribed, the Delivery status is No and the Subscription column shows Previously Unsubscribed.