Statistics for a chat communication

From the screen showing the project statistics, click on a chat communication in the Project communications list. Detailed statistics for that communication are shown, as in the following example:

Note: For information on the update frequency for reporting statistics, see Update frequency.

The following statistics are displayed at the top:

  • Total conversations: The total number of chat conversations in the specified period.
  • Total engaged users: The total number of users who have used the chat feature during the specified period.
  • Messages per conversation (avg): The average number of chat messages per conversation. This includes messages from the user, the bot and live agents.
  • Live takeover requests: The number of requests by a user for a real person to respond to the request.

Further information on specific items on this screen can be obtained by clicking See details or See all. Confusion triggers are situations in which the chatbot is not able to deal with a request and responds with a message such as “Sorry, I didn’t understand your question”.

Clicking See details under Transactions will display a list of all chat sessions. Clicking on a session will show a transcript of that session.

For information on how to set up tracked questions, tracked messages, transactions and satisfaction scores, see Chatbot.